We support the Empowerment of Women by providing aid to women, children, and families both locally and globally. We believe that it is the investment and belief in mothers, sisters and daughters that will lead to greater transformation for their children, their children’s children, and the entire planet.

First Tuesday Circle of Giving Projects

Being of service to the broader community has also been part of the value system of and history within First Tuesday.

Our past has a history that incorporated live projects which made a significant impact for many local families. In December 2006, we integrated into our mission a collective commitment to manifest one social service project each year. We called it “First Tuesday Circle of Giving”, which operated as a 501-C3 Non-Profit for four years. The goal was to choose ways to be of service to women, children, and families who we witness not only to be in need but who are so worthy of our community’s support.

At present, we make sure that our on-line communications leave room for what we call in the subject lines: “FTCOG Alert” meaning that a member is going to share a request for support from the community for a cause that is important to them and that contributes to the betterment of humankind and for the planet.

Beyond professional networking and the forging of forever friendships…..generosity and reciprocity is the spirit of “First Tuesday”.

First Tuesday LA sponsored 4 families from 2007-2010, providing home makeovers that took a village …. truly a labor of love.  Please click below and see for yourself how the power of grass roots “community” can really extend itself to help improve the quality of many peoples’ lives.

First Tuesday LA Circle of Giving Project Videos

2010 Family 2009 Family

2008 Family 2007 Family